The latest collaboration between Microsoft and Astro Studios is the brand spanking new Zune HD. The Zune HD is a portable media player that Microsoft has tricked out with genre expanding features such as access to HD radio, wireless web browser, touchscreen display, and an HD video output.

Though the inner workings are Microsoft, the product design is all Astro. The rugged and rich shell employs high quality materials layered together with exposed machine screws. Much like a high end watch, the player offers an industrial feel while looking sleek, angular, and elegant.

In his review of the Zune HD, Joshua Topolsky from Engadget remarked, “The first thing you'll notice is just how incredibly sexy the Zune HD is... It's one of the more mature offerings Microsoft has made to the gadget world -- and we're taken with it.”

David Pogue of the New York Times agrees, writing in the September 17th issue: "Its handsome, beveled metal case weighs next to nothing, yet still feels expensive and solid in the hand... it's every bit as joyful, polished and satisfying as its rival.” Gee, we haven’t the foggiest as to whom David is referring to as Zune’s rival, but we resoundingly agree that the new Zune HD is both joyful and polished.