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    Neighborhood Blight

    November 29th, 2010

    A Clean Well Lighted Place

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Culture

    What a nice way to spend a gorgeously sunny mid fall day; hanging out with friends, listening to records, and checking out a really nice garage. Recently Jesse put the finishing touches on his self-described “mancave”, and a bunch of us gathered around to oooh, and ahhh. Of course a garage is a work in progress, but this one is pretty close to completion. Check out Jesse’s (with a little help from his dad) process of transforming a dilapidated shack into a glorious tech garage ripe for designing, chilling and/or partying.

  2. OnLive’s MicroConsole  

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    November 19th, 2010

    OnLive Livin’ Micro-Large

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Design, News

    A quick shout out to Onlive for the upcoming release of their on-line real-time gaming service and ASTRO designed hardware. Pre-ordering has just begun and the OnLive MicroConsole is already making big waves. Check out their quick 30 second commercial and favorable reviews in Engadget and Joystiq.

  3. ASTRO Gaming’s CES 2011 Innovation Awards  

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    November 17th, 2010


    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Design, News

    Three big pats on the back to ASTRO Gaming for being selected three times as a [2011 Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree]. Yes, you heard right, the ASTRO Studios’ designed products picked up a trio of honoree awards at this year’s competition. The first award went to ASTRO Gaming’s brand spanking new Mixamp 5.8 for the Electronic Gaming Hardware category. Meanwhile, Gaming continued its string of success in the Headphone category, picking up two more awards for the A30 Headphones and A*Stars In-Ear Headset. It’s looking like another great year ahead for ASTRO at CES...

  4. Wired Magazines From Back In The Day  

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    November 15th, 2010

    Covering The Past

    Posted by: Jim Goodell under Culture

    I recently stumbled upon these Wired magazines from days past. I like the bold statement of the graphics and the wide, eclectic range of topics covered. From the beginnings of Burning Man and a rare interview with Steve Jobs, to a shirtless Bill Gates, these covers conveyed the traffic-filled intersection of the era’s technology and culture. Wired’s effect on the economy and politics was truly ahead of its time. Enjoy.

  5. Boxee’s Infamous Set-Top Box  


    November 12th, 2010

    Out Of The Box Thinking

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Design, News

    Congrats to Boxee for the eagerly anticipated launch of their infamous set-top box! Please help us celebrate by checking out ASTRO's own Brett Lovelady and Mich Alvarez's design-centric interview with the inquiring minds of Fast Company Magazine

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