1. Bike Build 03  

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    September 20th, 2011

    Exhaust Note

    Posted by: Dana under Culture

    No, our XS is not yet running, but we did get a history lesson that promises this machine will make music once it does:

    While applying this particular vinyl graphic to our tank we were inspired to look into the origins of the emblem… What is now the Yamaha corporation got its start as a manufacturer of pianos in the late 1800’s – thus the logo formed of interlocking tuning forks. Design with 1st read graphic appeal (It looks sick on raw steel) and rich historical meaning(it has soul)? It doesn’t
    get any better.

    Having completed the teardown we needed to set a vision for reconstruction. The rare feat of designer consensus was achieved with a CMF strategy best labeled “rat black.” Carburetors reinstalled we can see our first attempt at combustion on the horizon.

  2. AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness Competition  


    September 9th, 2011

    One For the Archives

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Design, News

    Congratulations to our graphics team for their award in AIGA's 365: Design Effectiveness 2011. Here at Astro we don't like to toot our own horn, or pound our chest, but we are more than happy to let others do it for us. AIGA picked Astro’s work on Kodak's Slice identity as an example of outstanding design for 2011, and included Slice into the AIGA Design Archives at the Denver Art Museum. Way to go Team!

  3. Skydiving  

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    September 3rd, 2011

    Any Last Words?

    Posted by: Greg under Culture, Free Time

    Back in 2009, Ueli Gegenschhatz gave a great TED talk on his vast experience falling gracefully towards the Earth. He started his career Paragliding, then Skydiving, then Free-Flying, and Sky Surfing, on to Wing Suit Flying, and finally, Base Jumping from a variety of man-made and natural object. All, as he says, “to come as close as possible to the human dream of being able to fly.” Last weekend 8 of Astro’s finest decided to see what all the hype was about. We headed out to SkyDance Skydiving in Davis, signed our lives away, climbed to 13000 feet, and released ourselves from our bipedal prisons into the loving arms of Mother Earth’s gravity. Somewhere between the exhilaration and the sheer terror of approaching Terra firma at over 176 feet per second, -underneath the conscious thought of “wtf am I doing?”, and “Mommy, please make it stop…”, there was a flash of calm, a split second of rationale. We felt the wind pass between our fingers, caught a glimpse of the curvature of the earth and, as Ueli has thousands of times before us, thought to ourselves, -“I am flying.”

  4. September Events Calendar  


    September 2nd, 2011

    See You Out There

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Culture

    Oh August, we hardly knew you. To mourn our passing, and to get over the fact that Jerry Lewis will not be hosting the telethon this weekend, we’ll be checking out the following events in September.


    Oh August, we hardly knew you. To mourn your passing, and to get over the fact that Jerry Lewis will not we will be hosting the telethon this weekend, we’ll be checking out the following events in September.

    September 3rd - SF Zine Fest - County Fair Building 1199 9th Ave. SF

    September 4th - Doin’ It After Dark feat. ShortKut and J. Boogie - Mighty

    September 7th-18th - SF Fringe Festival - Various Locations

    September 8th-10th - SF International Festival of Short Films - Roxie Theater

    September 8th-11th - Electronic Music Festival - Brava Theater Center

    September 9th - Friday Nights-Music of Cuba feat. John Santos Sextet de Young Museum

    September 10th - Arduino Classes for Teens and Young Adults - The Exploratorium

    September 15th-18th - SF Jazz Fest - Various Locations

    September 24th - Tetris tournament - The Lab

    September 25th - Folsom Street Fair - Folsom Street between 7th and 12th

    September 29th - Tig Nataro and Beth Lisick (Comedy) - Hemlock Tavern

    September 29th - Tig Nataro and Beth Lisick (Comedy) - Hemlock Tavern

    Ongoing through February - Less and More: The Design of Dieter Rams - SF MOMA


  5. Back To School  

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    August 31st, 2011

    Keeping it Classy

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Culture, Free Time

    It’s September and the sound of pencils sharpening and erasers erasing add to the charming din of the coming urban Autumn. At Astro we’ve always embraced the positive personal and professional effects of education, and this semester is no exception. Andres’, our graphic designer, is taking Beginning Lighting Techniques at S.F. City College to deepen his understanding of tricky photography lighting in his own home and in the office. Diana, another graphic artist here at Astro is taking a public speaking course from Toastmaster’s International This class will build Diana a stronger foundation for roasting her friends and pitching projects. Caleb, our Vice President of Strategy, is taking an improv theater class at Fort Mason, sponsored by Bay Area Theater Sports , to make us laugh more regularly and hone his on-the-fly thinking. I’m taking a poetry class from Berkeley Community College . It is teaching me to distill my writings and get to the point quicker. On that note, add a class today!

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