1. Movember comes to a close  

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    December 2nd, 2011

    Staches Raising Cash!

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Culture

    It was one gigantic itchy upper lip of a November here at Astro, and now it’s time for a shave. But not before the ballots were cast for prize donations. The winners of this years Mr. Movember Awards each received a generous donation in their names to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Most Aristocratic Mustache went to Mark Weedon, Most Intimidating Mustache went to Jesse Madsen, the Weakest Mustache award went to Ming Hsieh. In a shocking turn of events not one Astro Mustachioed employee had a wife or girlfriend leave them, but a few of the fathers in the group did make their kids cry. Just 335 more days to next Movember. Or who is ready for Decembeard?

  2. The Blank Stares Three  

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    November 30th, 2011

    Putting It On Wax

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Culture, Our Neighborhood

    The Blank Stares is the rock band I’ve been in since 1999. We started in Brooklyn, then moved out west around 6 years ago. This LP is our 2nd official release, and other than the help of a few extremelytalented engineers, we did it all ourselves. It’s always a blast seeing your songs come full circle from initial jams to printed wax. The vinyl record, as well as the digital downloads for Three, and the CD and digital downloads for our previous recording “All Blown Up” are available at our band camp site. Stream it for free, or purchase yours today and support independent rock and roll!

  3. Northwest Design Invitational Awards  


    November 22nd, 2011

    The Shaggies!

    Posted by: Tom Galbraith under Design, News

    The Shaggies are the fresh and newly updated Northwest Design Invitational awards. Because we like bright and shiny new things, we entered a few products to be judged. And BAM, we walked away with a Bronze in the category of "Design for Information and Communication" for the A30 Headset, and an Honorable Mention in the category of "Experiments/Concepts/Zombies" for our Kitchenscape.

    Can't wait to party, participate and show solidarity with our Northwestern design brothers and sisters next year.

  4. I Am Legion  

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    November 16th, 2011

    Norio’s Custom Toy at 1:00 AM Gallery

    Posted by: Norio under Culture

    I was recently asked by the 1:00 AM Gallery to participate in a group show called I Am Legion. The show combines three of my passions; art, toys, and robots. So naturally I accepted the offer. I was one of forty or so artists with backgrounds in a variety of styles and mediums, who were given ThreeA vinyl toys to customize as we chose.

    Thank you to my fellow Astronauts for coming out and showing the love
    on opening night! The awesome results are on display at the gallery until December 4th.

    1:AM Gallery, 1000 Howard St., San Francisco

  5. Marc-Antoine Aubert---Stagiaire Extrodinaire  

    2.  For the Love of Bikes 
    3.  Electric Motor Architecture 
    4.  Space Identity 
    5.  E-Bike 3/4 View 
    6.  Charles Bolden Spacesuit Colorway 
    7.  Alan Shepard Colorway 
    8.  Ride On 
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    November 8th, 2011


    Posted by: Marco under Design

    It is no secret that Astro loves bikes, so I created the Canavaral concept to show one potential future for our collective passion. I designed it to incorporate two of California’s biggest obsessions: freedom-loving lifestyle and eco-friendly values. I gleaned my inspiration from the NASA Apollo program which encompasses advanced electric technology, landscape discovery, and NASA's distaste for gravity. The freedom of motorcycling here on earth is the closest we will get to the freedom of floating through low gravity on the moon, and their space suits look awesome.

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