Astro Studios

After years on a rocket, ASTRO lands on planet PA

Astro Studios of California launched in 1994, and since then our multidisciplinary teams have designed over 500 original brands and products; work that has fueled cultural movements and positively impacted our human experience. Astro’s years of collaboration with partners like Nike, HP, Xbox, Logitech, Vive, Shinola, Bose, and many others, including our spin-off brand Astro Gaming, brought us international recognition and cultural relevance as a leader in consumer design, often redefining markets and impacting global industries.

In 2020, Astro joined PA Consulting to leverage our proven experience and influence, blending with PA’s broader range of capabilities that are increasingly needed to develop solutions for a complex future. Now with PA, we can offer clients holistic solutions based in design, strategy, engineering, and science - truly unique end-to-end, rapid commercialization experiences. Astro’s clear mission from inception was to magnify the power of design while advocating for humanity, which is defined by our motto, Fight Gravity; a mission that aligns perfectly with PA’s belief in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future.


Our dedication and passion for improvisational, multidisciplinary design services and process won’t change with PA, it will only get multiplied and magnified; All Missions Possible!

Strategic Insights

Our process is fueled by rich, inspirational, actionable insights about authentic people, culture, and markets to solve real world problems that improve the human experience.

Brand Design

We blend raw design talent, digital expertise, and market trends to create soulful identities and digital systems that create desire and cultural relevance around the world.

Industrial Design

Our team’s tangible sense of aesthetics, technological expertise, and real-world experience drives process to create innovative products that function, exist beautifully, define markets, and inspire popular culture.

Experience Design

We deploy visualization tools to span the gulf between the digital and physical worlds – creating solid XD interactions spanning web, mobile, environmental experiences and beyond.

Holistic Design

We sometimes combine all the prior capabilities with business context to holistically define, design, develop and deploy fully branded, direct, or retail ready products to the marketplace, aka holistic commercial properties.


Insights & Industrial Design

Bose Frames

We collaborated with Bose to design and develop the first fashionable audio, AR enabled sunglasses.

Holistic Design


We created a holistic new brand for Western Digital to speak authentically to gamers, including name, branding, product, packaging, launch video and strategy.

Insights & Brand Design


We created an entirely new branding and communication system for HTC’s pioneering, global VR company.

Brand Design


We worked with Avidbots to reimagine their brand and help position them for the future of robots in the wild.

Holistic Design

Astro Gaming

We originated and spun-off our namesake brand into an industry leading company, all to improve and elevate the “sport” in E-Sports.

Industrial Design

Shinola Power

We extended the Shinola brand into a series ofAmerican Made power products, classically designed for any environment.

Industrial Design

Shinola Runwell

We extended the Shinola brand into a family of American Made audio products, led by an heirloom quality turntable.

Experience & Industrial Design

Nike Fuelband

We leveraged 18 years with Nike to create the first activity tracker, helping motivate athletes and enthusiasts to move more, fashionably, all day long.

Industrial Design

Bose Sleepbuds

We helped Bose commercialize technology by design to create their first sleep improvement product with style and comfort.

Holistic Design


We created a holistic new fragrance brand and smart products for Prolitec for the home goods market including insights, name, branding, product, packaging, digital and strategy.

Industrial Design

Stokke Clikk

We collaborated with Stokke to bring their signature style to the America, from interviewing end users to designing the Clikk highchair series.

Experience & Industrial Design

Xbox 360

We leveraged our years of gaming industry expertise to collaborate with Microsoft and create the iconic Xbox 360 console, controller, and ecosystem.

Awards & recognition

ASTRO Studios originated and/designed over 500+ original products and consumer brands, helping clients generate over $60 Billion in new client revenue. We also co-created over 20+ companies, including founding Astro Gaming. We’re fortunate to have received scores of awards from a wide range of international design, media organizations and industry peers for decades. The following highlight just a few:

  • IDSA 2022 Special Achievement Award for Design Industry Impact
  • Fast Company’s 2018 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design
  • 11x Nominee for The American National Design Awards by Cooper-Hewitt / Smithsonian Design Museum
  • Inc. 500 Fastest Growing American Companies / #13 Astro Gaming 2013
  • 2x BusinessWeek / Designs of the Decade: Best in Business Awards for Nike Triax Watches & Kensington SmartSockets
  • IDSA 1st Business Catalyst Award for design led business impact.

Join our global design force

As our Bay Area expansion continues, we’d encourage you to connect and explore opportunities that greater PA has to offer, including joining our local design, engineering & science teams in San Francisco or PA’s teams around the globe!

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