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On Brand

Astro has over 25 years of brand experience creating over 100 consumer brands and naming more than 20 of them. We've helped fortune 500s to the startups down the street craft and mold their vision. While you may only see the final polished piece, the journey and exploration of getting there is what really moves us.

Here are just 3 brands we helped launch recently and a peak into the blackhole that got us there.

MachineQ focused on large-scale IoT for enterprises and solution providers. We gave their brand a facelift as well as a new mission and positioning statement. We wanted to give them a stronger and more confident wordmark with a high-tech feel without losing equity in what they’ve already established. We explored portals and gestures but in the end felt that the best form of communication for something so complex was to keep it clean and simple.

Womankind came to us in need of not just an identity but a whole Customer Experience (CX) system. Its mission was to help women overcome the challenges during the "decade of decision" - the time when young women are defining their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. We designed a curriculum with workbooks and activities as well as a digital platform for community. There were full immersive experiences and pop-ups, as well as gifts to new members that helped guide them along every step of the way. We wanted the brand to feel fun, youthful, versatile, and expressive. The wordmark and mark hinted at finding the common thread that we all have together, and in the end we should all just be kind to one another.

WD_Black was a holistic program with both our brand and industrial design teams guiding the visual language for Western Digital's new Gaming Storage Brand. It was essential for us to create the voice and tone simultaneously to launch a cohesive brand and product. The brand was designed to inspire gamers to feel more confident, stronger and competitive. The single underscore is a nod at a common developer code language in which all games are born from. We knew from the beginning that a saturation of black throughout the campaign would reflect the gamers immersive world and further emphasize the product name.



The process of getting to the final delivery is always an exciting one in which we get to roll up our sleeves, let down our hair and get our hands dirty. There is nothing like a Phase One to get a designer's creative juices flowing. While we like seeing the final product, the work we create to get there deserves its own time in the spotlight. The Astro "blackhole" began as a way for us to explore concepts without limits. It provided an escape and a way to try new things without fear of rejection or rather, to celebrate the ideas that didn't make the cut and grow as designers, thinkers and communicators. We set this up so that there are no names or projects associated with this -- that they're all a literal snapshot/screenshot of a moment. Using the site smallvictori.es, we set up a communal dropbox for anyone in the studio to contribute and instantly populate the site. (It also separates our URL from our loyal Raiders fans.)

What began as a creative dump for designers has now evolved to a living moodboard for our studio. It’s been great to see how we push ourselves and each other to reach unexpected results so that we never hit the same target twice.

We’ve updated the URL slightly for any of those that have it saved, please visit our newly rejected family here: TheBlackhole.smvi.co

Let's put a brand on it.