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Why quit your day job

Hi, I’m Tom Galbraith, by day I work at Astro as the Studio Manager. I’m also a dad to a fun family of kooks. Since junior high I’ve been a drummer in rock bands, and I started making LPs in high school. Sometimes music calls shotgun, other times it rides bitch, but music is always there.

I liken this musical habit to the way surfers talk about surfing. By the end of the first ride, surfers know they will be spending their lives repeating the process, knowing the outcome will be different every time. The first time a musician has fun making music with friends, they know this feeling can’t be left alone, the joy needs to be on repeat, refined but never completely removed from it’s initial place.

The process for making the Sad Moon Eyes record started with writing the songs. Those songs get tinkered with in what is called the pre-production phase. Once the arrangements for the songs are set, they get recorded to either analog or digital tape formats. The Slouching Stars recorded to both formats at LightRail Studios. Just by chance, our guitarist works as the main recording engineer at Light Rail, a musical treasure trove of positive vibes. Oh the nepotism! From this point we sent the recording to get mastered: a process for normalizing and equalizing all the songs for a uniformed sound. Once mastered the recording goes to get pressed. There are only a dozen or so record pressers domestically, so we chose to manufacture the record with local punkers Pirate’s Press. Pirate’s Press is a print shop that plays the middleman between bands and a great record presser in the Czech Republic.

Come check out the Slouching Star’s Record Release Friday, July 31st at Bottom of the Hill. Our new album titled Sad Moon Eyes is available at your local record store or on Bandcamp.