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A Christmas Roast

Ahh, Secret Santa 2019. Another year, another fun and wholesome ROAST. Here at Astro Studios, we do Secret Santa a little differently. After another year of working together so closely, we've gotten to know each other pretty well - each other's quirks, pet peeves, guilty pleasures, etc. And while we all work together so peacefully, we won't say no to an opportunity to lay all that intel out on the table for everyone to laugh at. All in good fun, of course.

Here are some highlights from this year's Secret Santa:

Tom kills it yet again with another customized song just for Norio - What Do You Know About Norio?

Neha showcased her design skills by creating a custom Brand Guidelines Poster just for Kristy, complete with clear space and brand voice. She topped it all off with a portfolio worthy packaging piece with Kristy's very own mini me Barbie doll.

Kristy pulled out all the stops with this banner for Gigi, a warning to all who approach her desk.

Celia went with a more thoughtful approach, surprising Scott with a 3D printed Black Lotus sculpture from Magic the Gathering. A rare card worth up to $42,000...Celia's art piece isn't fully pictured here in all its glory, but it's amazing - you'll have to take our word for it. It even lights up!

Awwww, father-daughter moment.

#plantbased diets were a reoccurring theme this year, showing up in at least 3 presentations.

If Elon Musk worked at Astro, he'd definitely get roasted. For now, some of his biggest fans were the victim this year. Jk, we love you Elon.

And then babies started showing up to the party, so everyone got distracted! Understandable.

Thus ends another successful (arguably the best) year of Astro Secret Santa! See you in 2020!