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American Design for Shinola

Astro has had the pleasure to recently work with Detroit based Shinola to create an array of new takes on classic products. Founded in 2011, Shinola was started with the mission of bringing jobs back to Detroit and the U.S. Shinola's goods are built to last and define American luxury through American quality. After already establishing a strong design language embodying this American ethos, we were asked to build off those visual cues and develop Shinola’s first products in two new categories — audio and electric.

For the audio category we designed the Runwell Turntable. It brings precision, craft, and a warm aesthetic into a category dominated by overly technical products. For the electric category we designed the Runwell Wall Clock and suite of power accessories. Each piece is built to last and add thoughtful utility to the home.

Take a look at the Shinola collection of products below, and check back later. We will be adding additional blog posts highlighting the overwhelming press the products have received and the design process!