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Astro Studios: Space

Space is the environment in which we work, create, eat, and play.

Our 17,500sq ft creative hub is divided into three floors that offer us room to spread out, collaborate, host, and experiment.

We currently have a collection from the Letterform Archive on display in our Gallery. Drop us a note if you want to come by and see it before it's gone!

The second floor is Area 51. We have secrets, inventions, experiments, and sometimes new startup companies camping out.

We also have 3 war rooms, 2 conference rooms, a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, and a nonfunctional phone booth.

The top floor is the studio. We have anywhere from 25-30 creatives from across the globe, from India to Taiwan to Walnut Creek and beyond.

We also have a photo studio in the basement along with old project relics.

We're always looking for fresh talent so don't be shy.

Make contact.

Currently hiring:

Brand Director
Industrial Design Creative Director
Lead Industrial Designer
Brand Creative Director
Graphic Designers
Internships for both GD and ID

Join our crew or come by and have a drink!

348 6th St.
San Francisco
N. America
Milky Way