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Rugs with soul, made by expert hands

BiYuu is a textile design brand that creates beautiful woven rugs. These rugs are led by Marisol Centeno, who founded the brand in 2012. The designer's vision is to create textiles with a strong vision of quality, cutting-edge design and social responsibility.

BiYuu takes care of our planet and pays attention to the current state of environmental precarity using earth-friendly, sustainable materials. Implementing small-scale artisanal production, BiYuu supports the custodianship of our natural resources.

Marisol Centeno, lead designer, works closely with artisans from Teotenango, Mexico where rug weaving has been a tradition for decades. BiYuu is a fair trade company and uses prices that balance with the market, respects local customs, and all while understanding the process and time it takes to create a handmade product.