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“Caligraffiti; An art form that combines techniques of calligraphy and graffiti.”

The term Caligraffiti was originally coined by legendary graffiti artist Niels “Shoe” Meulman of Amsterdam. Shoe began his career in traditional styles of graffiti, but quickly experimented with combining his skills in graffiti and calligraphy, resulting in his style of Caligraffiti. Shoe was a huge inspiration to both graffiti writers and calligraphers all over the world, and subsequently ‘Caligraffiti’ began to grow and evolve. Caligraffiti can be found on streets, rooftops, and galleries. Its medium has no limits.

A few years back, work from a young Russian artist Pokras Lampas began to change the game yet again. Pokras Lampas has a unique style in the world of Caligrafitti. His work keeps the genre fresh and progressive by using new techniques including digital glitches, and creating artwork as a live performance piece. The way that Lampas shatters and reassembles letters in his own way has been a continual influence on me as a designer over the years. I am looking forward to following along and seeing what new things will come from this inspiring style of art.

Niels "Shoe" Meulman

Pokras Lampas