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Conscientious Design

Climate change seems to be on everyones mind and people are increasingly more conscious about what they are buying and where it’s from. Lately we’ve been seeing more and more companies that are making effort to solve waste issues. Some worthy mentions:

Adidas just launched Futurecraft Loop, a 100% recyclable performance running shoe. Taking it a step further, Adidas is also proposing a subscription base plan for the sneaker to ensure they can take over the responsibility of properly recycling the product. The Futurecraft Loop sneaker will be released 2021. (Can’t wait!)

Igloo also just released their compostable cooler - Recool, the worlds first ever biodegradable cooler. It's made out of organic molded pulp and holds up ice up to 12 hours. The best part? It’s reusable -- just empty and air-dry.

Other brands we like are:

Cink is a kids dinnerware company from Sweden. Their product are made from recycled bamboo blended with GMO-free corn starch and 100% food-grade melamine binder. Their product line is environmentally friendly as well as beautifully made and designed.

Evoware is an Indonesia startup company, creating seaweed based packaging to replace plastic. The great thing with seaweed based packaging is it doesn’t require large investment in land, fertilizers and chemical like other bioplastic – corn, sugarcane, vegetable oil and starch. Seaweed is cheap, can grow off shore, and doesn't require fertilizer. It seems like a great resource for packaging, and it's also edible. We hope we’ll be using this delicious seaweed-based bioplastic soon.

Qwstion is a softgoods company base in Zurich. They make their bags out of banana fibre. What more do we need to say, love it already!

Keep watch, as we continue to look forward to the future!