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Empowering with Design: Stinson Beach Affordable Housing Committee

At Astro we believe that creative capital is the most valuable asset we can contribute to a cause or organization in need to connect with their audience or to build their image and mission.

Recently we were approached by the Stinson Beach Affordable Housing Committee (SBAHC) with the hope that we could help them crystallize their mission and offering to the Stinson Beach community. The SBAHC’s focus is to provide the community with affordable housing solutions in an area that is affected by the ever-increasing housing costs in the Bay Area.

Stinson Beach is nestled above San Francisco in Marin Counties, one of the most beautiful destinations in California. But affordable housing isn't easily found in the area, and many members who work and live in the community are unable to afford the steep price of rent.

The Stinson Beach Affordable Housing Committee was formed in July 2015 after a longtime Stinson Beach resident called the SBAHC ‘s founder, Chris Harrington, to tell him that the 8-unit apartment building she was living in was about to go on the market. She knew that, once it sold, she and most of the other residents there would not be able to afford the new rents and would likely need to leave the community. In an effort to prevent the loss of these 8 relatively affordable rental units, the Stinson Beach Affordable Housing Committee was formed with a goal to enable the creation of permanent, affordable housing units in Stinson Beach.

We provided them with the necessary assets to communicate their story, so that they would be in a much better place to conduct fundraising, organize events and perform effective community outreach. Often times, smaller organizations are misunderstood by the communities they seek to serve, not taken seriously by governmental institutions, and struggle with building the necessary framework to establish a cohesive mission and brand.

Our work with the SBAHC, much like the work we do at Astro, is centered around an open dialogue with stakeholders that need to properly frame a problem in order to craft the appropriate solution. Whether we work with Fortune 500 companies or not-for-profit organizations, our goal is to bring stakeholders along our process so that they have the tools to realize their vision. The final outcome of a given design challenge is just a portion of the overall scope of the relationship. By working closely with executive teams and community organizers as part of our team, we are able to craft design solutions that they can own, build upon, support and fight for when it comes down to it.

The team at Astro was thrilled to be able to take up a project of this nature and give back to our neighbors in Stinson. If you're interested in the cause, learn how you can volunteer or donate to the Stinson Beach Affordable Housing Committee here.