Posted by Andrew Casden
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E3 2018

As a studio with a background in headsets, controllers, gaming and naming, It was great to see whats happening in the always evolving gaming world. While not a lot in the hardware or accessory category, there were a few things that caught our eye at E3 this year…

  • HP was coming correct with their Omen line of gaming laptops and had a pretty sweet booth set-up in partnership with Logitech audio and DX Racer performance gaming seats.
  • SCUF always brings their A-game to E3 and this year was no different, as we saw some pretty wild designs on new exclusive lines such as the Porsche-branded special edition for Forza Elite, featuring 4 vertical paddles on the backside of the controller.
  • Lastly, the Microsoft Adaptive Controller for Xbox was one of the most impressive products we saw. A radical new design meant to afford those with physical disabilities the opportunity to game with their peers was a wonderful addition to an already stellar hardware reputation from Xbox, and we’re very proud of our partners there for this breakthrough in inclusive gaming design. Gear up!

And as always we were happy to see the Astro fam, Astro gaming at the event. Congrats on your ten years of innovating with the A40 Headset. Hope those who made it out had a great time gaming. GEAR UP!