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Convo's with Enri Moreno at Inturnship

Last week, our Brand Creative Director Enri Moreno, had a chat with The Inturnship about failures and the lessons we as creatives learn along the way. There were many failures shared, and plenty of one-liners dropped. More about the Inturnship and our key takeaways below!

The Inturnship is one-part talent network, one-part creative agency. A fully remote collaborative community of new grads and agency mentors. Together, they take on real-world projects to help interns pave their own way, and help businesses find theirs. One guest, Aubrian Watson of Twitter, referred to it as "A dinner table talk" and that's the transparent setting we try to inspire with each Convo.

Key Takeaways

Just because you spent all night working on it doesn’t mean it’s good.

AKA: Spectacular style can be empty on the inside. Focus on the purpose before you dress it up.

Advertising is not art, and creatives are not artists.

AKA: Art doesn’t come with a brief and KPIs. Be realistic, stay nimble, and don’t be pretentious.

Know your creative type and form your own path.

AKA: You have the power to define your role, don’t let others do it for you.

Leaders don’t know everything, they’re just more comfortable taking risks.

AKA: Forget about trying to be right and instead focus on what makes sense. If you’re not experimenting then you’re not trying.

You’re not the best at everything so trust the people around you.

AKA: Superheroes are fictional, it takes a whole team to do something extraordinary. Move aside from the mirror and you’ll see that others exist.

Don’t wait for an invitation, just break-in.

AKA: Make things to make noise. Don’t wait for a brief to think and do, those will never come.