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Gateway to space

Artist James Turell is well known for his expansive body of work exploring the materiality of light, space and color. I’ve been inspired by his work ever since learning about it in Art History. Recently his work was popularized to a new generation thanks to a certain musician who referenced Turell’s work for his Hotline Bling music video. What some newcomers to his work might have missed however, is Turell’s most ambitious and astoundingly massive work to date, Roden Crater. Viewed as the “magnum opus" to his prolific career, Roden Crater, is large-scale artwork covering several square kilometers and located in an inactive volcano in a remote region of Northern Arizona. Functioning as a “naked-eye observatory” and complete with celestial alignments, I find this project is truly awe inspiring on multiple levels. Although it is currently closed for ongoing construction since Turell acquired the site in 1977, I plan to visit this installation when completed (likely many years from now) and would encourage those who like his work to do the same.