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Planes, trains, and even faster trains

Details are not just appreciated in Japan but inspected, dissected and celebrated. The level of thought and craft permeates the culture which has been lost in most other parts of the world (especially disappearing in America as we give life to more and more). Robin Marich (Lead Designer) and Will Meeker (Strategy Director) just got back from separate trips to the land of the rising sun and appreciated this from the skyline down the cities, farms and factories that dot the landscape.

Aside from not wanting to return to SF, they brought back fresh perspectives with them along with a greater appreciation for high speed trains.

Maybe Elon is onto something after all.

Mt. Fuji

Nijo Castle in Kyoto

Nijo Castle garden (left), Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine (right) in Kyoto

Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

Gion district in Kyoto

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower (right)

Robot bar in Tokyo

Hammond Orgasm bar in Tokyo (Super cool/secret spot but need to call them for directions)