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Designing for the Maker Community

Intel and Maker Media invited Astro to be the design partner for the new social platform, Maker Share. They challenged us to create a brand identity extension, visual design, and content experience for this new platform. Our final creation is a site built for a community of makers to share their work with one another, where they can receive mentorship and validation within a professional platform and environment.

Maker Share is bringing makers together to build with a purpose. Maker Share's mission is to allow users to focus their making skills on an objective, and to acquire the tools and expertise needed to make ideas become real. The Maker Share platform brings this vision to fruition and provides makers with a space like never before.

Who exactly are makers? Makers are innovators, tinkerers, hobbyists, teachers, parents, professionals, and so much more. They are part of a movement that embraces innovation, creativity and learning to improve our communities and create a better future. Through utilizing this platform, makers can leverage their voices and visions to bring their ideas to life.

See the full project here.

Join the maker community at https://makershare.com