Posted by Norio Fujikawa
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Mira Reality: AR with No Strings Attached

Astro worked with Mira to create a wearable product that seamlessly integrates a phone to deliver a fully-immersive AR experience. As soon as we saw the very convincing demo, we knew we wanted to be part of that world. The idea of developing an affordable AR device that worked off a smartphone was too good to pass up.

The Mira Prism is an AR headset powered by your smartphone. It allows users to interact with holographic images overlaid on the real world -- no wires attached. The Prism headset removes the boundary of your screen and brings your world to life.

In addition to the product, Astro also crafted the brand positioning, brand identity and designed the hardware naming system. Mira did an excellent job laying the groundwork and giving us a strong starting point for success. It was great experience to work with the very opened-minded and engaged Mira team. Congratulations to them and their launch!

More at: https://www.mirareality.com/about

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