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Mutek SF: Push One Stop

On Friday May 4th Astro hosted a special, one-day only event with world-renowned visual artist and performer Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules, aka Push 1 stop. Known for the realism of her organic textures and the finesse of her minimalist designs, Push 1 stop seeks to bring out the human element in the process of digital creation and treats the computer as a real collaborator — not just a simple tool.

Cadie performed an intimate live demonstration of the TouchDesigner program. TouchDesigner is a real-time visual development platform that can be used for creating interactive media systems, immersive/projection mapping environments, music visuals, building custom applications and UIs and for the rapid-prototyping of creative impulses. Cadie provided a rare glimpse into her creative process through the use of this dynamic program, and afterwards took questions from the audience in a salon-style forum. Some of those questions and answers are below.

This event was part of the MUTEK San Francisco festival, the first of its kind to take place in the United States.

The following evening Cadie performed her composition ‘Interpolate’ with musical collaborator ‘Woulg’ at the Gray Area theater as part of the A/Visions series of MUTEK SF. Photos of that performance provided by Ella Rinaldo.


Q: What can you do with touch designer?

- Touch designer is the man! Its what you want to use. Its not always the most beautiful graphics but if your doing 2D or lines, like what im doing, its the best I’ve found… You can do tons of stuff with touch designer, visual branding, video making and even medical work in hospitals… You don’t have to code at all, you can use what we call visual programing. It can get pretty heavy if your into the programing side if you want, you can even code c++…

Q: What do you think about AR?

- I think AR is very promising and its the next thing like I said, im really into immersive environments like ”the dome”, because its frameless and I can create the visuals that I want to see, and want others to see in my reality.

Q: What will you be up to this summer?

- I will be working mostly on ‘Interpolate

Additional event photography provided by Ella Rinaldo and performance provided by Mariah Tiffany.