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Astro x Northeastern University

Astro Studios is continuing our partnership with Northeastern University for their Semester in Silicon Valley program; a semester long program that gives entrepreneurially-minded students a hands-on experience of starting their own company and learning from some of Silicon Valley's most experienced entrepreneurs, CEO's, venture capitalists and business people.

This semester, Astro hosted a workshop at the studio, taught by Creative Director Karson Shadley and Lead Designer Robin Marich, for students taking "Lean Design in Entrepreneurship", a class which aims to teach about designing low-budget products for startups. Students learned the way we do things around Astro, got to focus in on a case study, and took a deeper dive into the design process from start to finish. Karson and Robin also delved into their favorite design softwares; students in this program will be designing their own products, so the tips, tricks, and advice of the designers were extremely helpful for students to understand which programs they can and should use for their projects. Learn more about Northeastern's Semester in Silicon Valley here!