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Processing for visual possibilities

Processing is an open source programming language that is built for the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities. Processing was initiated by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry in Spring 2001. Fry is a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Laboratory and Reas is an Associate Professor at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. In 2012, they started the Processing Foundation along with Daniel Shiffman, who joined as a third project lead. Through Processing, users are allowed to create 2D arts and interacted projects. Here are four projects that show Processing’s features — data visualizing and real-time interacting. Programming languages became an initial skill for designers and Processing is just one kind of language that empowers designers to convey ideas in a more engaging way.

Project 1: United Stats of America created by Andrea Skoller

Project 2: Being Not Truthful created by Ralph Ammer and Stefan Sagmeister

Project 3: Pathfinder created by Onformative

Project 4: Anima Iki created by Onformative