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Riding Dirty: Freako Suave

Our Senior Designer, Shea Sjoberg, has been riding bikes for awhile and has now created a brand called Freako Suave to go along with it. It seems like almost everyone in the studio has a shirt, so let's hear a bit more about what this is.

How many bikes do you have in your garage right now?

11 bikes between the three of us right now. 6 of those run (kinda).

What do you like most/least about the building process?

My building process is pretty ADD. I wouldn’t say that I am good at any part of the process, but learning is what makes it fun for me. I’ll have ten things that I’m working on all at once, and I’m constantly bouncing between all of them. Whenever I get stuck, I’ll move on to something else and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. I would say that hands down my favorite part about building bikes is riding them with my buds. Dirty choppers make for the best road trips. You never know where you’re going to break down and have to spend a few hours fixing your bike.

What got you into motorcycles to begin with?

How else are you supposed to get a girlfriend?

Where is the furthest you’ve ever had to go to pick up a bike?

Out to our friend Bob at Road Dog Cycles in Denair, CA. It was before I had a truck, and I had to tow it back on a trailer with a plywood top behind my Toyota Matrix with a bad transmission. Most stressful drive of my life. I thought my car was going to rip in half going over crater sized potholes on the I-80.

Is there anything specific about the bikes you’re looking for to build?

Dirty choppers that set off car alarms and offend my neighbors.

Where did the name / brand Freako Suave come from?

About 4 years ago I was eating a bagel and the name Freako Suave popped into my head. No clue where it came from. Maybe the poppy seeds on my bagel spelled it out for me, I have no clue. I hopped online and bought the URL before I was done eating. I really didn’t have any sort of plan of what I was going to use it for, but it felt right and I knew it could be something. I initially used the name as a moniker for some screen printed posters I was doing a few years back. Then, early last year my two good friends Sean, Jacob and I decided to get organized and bring our skills together to make something a little more interesting. We starting drawing up designs, and pulled together a website. We already had all of the screen printing equipment to do it, so there wasn’t a whole lot to be lost. Worst case we would never have to buy t shirts again.

What would you like to see Freako turn into?

Something that allows us to never grow up.

You sell t-shirts on your website, where do the illustrations come from-besides your own twisted minds?

Each of the shirts is a collaboration between Sean, Jacob, and myself. Just like almost everything we do, Sean writes the copy, Jacob draws the illustrations, and I draw the type. It all really worked out that we are such good friends and just so happen we have such complementary skills.

Do you see yourself creating anything else besides shirts for Freako?

Absolutely. Right now we are working on getting some small leather goods and hats on the site, and further down the road we will be selling sissy bar kits, and a few other custom chopper parts.

What is your favorite bike to ride/why?

My cone shovel that I bought off Astro’s Creative Director Alejandro earlier this year. It scares the shit out of me every time I sit on it, and I think thats the healthiest relationship with a bike that you can have.

Go buy your own shirt!