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SF Design Week, Get Sketchy Event

Big thank you to all those who were able to attend our event Get Sketchy on the 16th for SF Design week. We had a great turnout and were able to give all proceeds to the DrawBridge foundation, a nonprofit supporting homeless and underprivileged children with expressive art groups.

If you missed the event here are a few words from Astro and one of our featured artists, Norio Fujikawa, to you:

You will rarely see me without my sketchbook and ball point pen. I love to draw, and do so whenever I can. I’ve come a long way from my early days of tracing Snoopy out of an old Peanuts comic book. Sketching is an on-going process I use to find inspiration from other designers, artists and illustrators.

That is why Astro and I were so pumped for the turnout on our first sketch night! It was incredible to see the talent of the featured artists, and the quick evolution and collaboration from our guests on the awesome sketch wall. Everywhere I looked, people were hunkered over scrap-paper, scratching out designs, sketches and doodles. It’s impossible to tell you how happy it makes me feel to see people drawing. Thank you to SF Design Week, Drawbridge, Minus 8, Hit Force, the artists, and the Astro crew.

Biggest thank you to all the attendees and your participation in making the sketch night a success!