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Sketch life

Behind the design work and busy schedule in the office, we tend to capture a lot of moments in the studio by taking photos via our phones. Through the course of the year, I ended up with so many photos of these little moments that I started to wonder, “What can I do with these??” Then I started to sketch and trace those pictures during my down time...

To add a little spice, I explored adding details such as facial expressions and scenes to the illustration. Here’s one of our designers, Francois, at his desk thinking about what’s for lunch!

Speaking of lunch, our team loves to explore new lunch spots in SOMA and provides never-ending material; even the daily routine can feel special (feat. Francois & Oliver).

Design is fun; yet we all know it can be very frustrating. I managed to capture our creative director, Joy, resting her face on a cold wall in our studio. It has been lovingly coined the “Joy-out”.

Stay tuned for part two...our eyes may be on you!