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More than Just Gaming: Surprising Uses of the Xbox 360 Controller

The ASTRO-designed Xbox controller is an iconic piece of gaming equipment . But the versatile controller isn't just being used for gaming anymore. In recent years, the well-known design has proved to be the best solution for both the military, and the medical industry. The familiarity of the controller makes for an intuitive experience when controlling seemingly complicated equipment - check out the stories of two incredible alternate uses:

Nuclear-Powered Submarines

(Photo: U.S. Navy/Lockheed Martin )

The U.S. Navy will be using Xbox 36 controllers to operate periscopes on its new, most advanced nuclear-powered submarines. The USS Colorado will be the first to utilize an Xbox controller with its periscopic imaging systems, and is scheduled to be commissioned in November of this year. Navy operators traditionally navigate the imaging system with a large, clunky joystick with a lofty price tag. Utilizing the Xbox controller will save on costs, while integrating a tool that younger sailors may already be skilled at using, and will require less training. - From Washington Post

3D Body Scans

(Photo: Reader's Digest UK)

BodyViz's cutting edge technology transforms the typically blurry x-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds into vivid, interactive 3D images. Controlled using an Xbox 360 controller, doctors are able to navigate 360 degrees through the body: under the skin and around the arteries, blood vessels and organs. “In the past, I’d go over the scans with the radiologist, but I’d still have to plan, draw pictures, imagine and finally guess at the best approach,” says Dr Thom Lobe, pediatric surgeon at Blank Children’s Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa. “This means that when we open a patient up we’re not entirely sure what we’ll find; sometimes there are unexpected obstructions and you find you’re flying by the seat of your pants. BodyViz cuts that out and speeds things up. I can see instantly what’s happening from the scan. It means there’s less chance of any surprises during surgery.” The BodyViz software is an affordable option - it only costs around $4500, as it is simply utilized on a desktop computer. - From Reader's Digest UK