Astro transformed what was previously known as AccountAbility into Advocord, giving the brand a fresher, friendlier, and warmer look and feel that appeals to audiences of all ages and needs.
Behind the Design
Advocord is a platform that helps people who are depended on by other individuals, by aiding with legal compliance, financial affairs, and medical information. We worked with them first to rename their brand, and then launched into a redesign.

We wanted the new brand to convey warmth, clarity, and ease for its users, who are often stressed and overwhelmed. The result was a new look and feel that was warm and friendly, but still sophisticated, dignified, and — most importantly — intuitive for both dependents and their advocates. The logo creates an overall impression of reliability and approachability, and was designed to have the appearance of two elements supporting each other.
Designing for Accessibility
We had the opportunity to take on a new challenge — designing for a larger range of audiences, and a much older one as well.

We needed to make sure that the brand visuals and assets were accessible to an audience of all ages and needs, including both dependents and advocates. This meant taking great care to ensure the colors were web-safe, that type was larger and legible, and that icons were simple and easy to understand. We made every design choice carefully to ensure the best possible experience, no matter the age or need of the user.