Astro Gaming

The leader in gaming gear. Launched by us in 2006—it’s really taken off.

We set out to design a line of gaming gear worthy of our name. From packaging to product development, from look to feel, Astro gaming is designed with the most advanced tech and aesthetics for a line of products that’s undeniably Astro.

The Astro Gaming audio line is tournament-tested and MLG-approved, but designed to be just as appealing to the casual gamer. Headsets have audio that’s calibrated specifically for gaming and let players customize their look with swappable magnetic ear tags. A Dolby-powered Astro MixAmp lets players control their own mix of voice comms and game sounds.

Astro Gaming also offers an array of bags that let gamers carry their rig with them safely and in style.

Every Astro Gaming product is sheathed in a package befitting the bad-assery within. Astro Gaming packaging has been an integral part of building the brand experience and has won numerous awards for both excellence and awesomeness.