Backbone One Gaming Controller

Astro worked with Backbone to create the best gaming experience on mobile.
Behind the Design
Our initial exploration was meant to define the right balance between portability and ergonomics, and provide the best gaming experience possible in a small package. An extensive research and prototyping phase, combined with the design of a collapsing bridge mechanism to hold a variety of iPhone sizes, allowed us to create the best gaming device for home or on-the-go. The overall softness carried through the entire product, and its controls were designed to feel approachable and inviting for both experienced and casual gamers.
Quick Gameplay Capture and Share
The Backbone One mobile gaming controller aims to take the leaderboard for the category of on-the-go gaming. A new, mind-blowing gaming experience for iPhone with instant one-button connectivity will keep you in the game while chatting with other users. The addition of a capture button on the left joystick allows gamers to record, edit, and share directly from Backbone without the need to extra hardware.