Bose Frames

Astro collaborated with the Bose design team to design and develop the only audio-enabled sunglasses worth listening to.
Frames designed by Astro, video produced by Collins
Sunglasses, with a Soundtrack

The Bose Frames are a breakthrough product combining the style of premium sunglasses, the functionality of wireless headphones, and the world’s first audio augmented reality platform — into one revolutionary wearable. These sunglasses contain Bose micro acoustics, tuned for rich and immersive audio that only the wearer can hear. With nothing in or on the ear, listeners can enjoy music and welcome calls all while staying in touch with the environment around them.

From the onset, we knew we had a uniquely positioned challenge ahead of us at the intersection of technology, fashion, and eyewear. We reveled in this space, with the chance to define a new category for Bose and advance their long history of groundbreaking audio products. In partnership with the Bose design team, the final designs are the culmination of an extensive immersion in the eyewear and fashion space, inspired by iconic and vintage eyewear and heritage details.