HP Tango & Tango X Printers

Astro collaborated with HP to reinvigorate the consumer print category.
As we’ve shifted to a digital-first era, home printing seems to have taken a backseat to real-time content available on tablets and smartphones.

Our team worked with HP to reinvigorate the consumer printing category by looking at the overall printing experience as well as design innovations. The HP Tango and Tango X printers are the world’s first smart printers - allowing users to print and scan from anywhere and even engage in voice-activated printing. Combined with easy, instant ink services, the Tango line offers a holistic, seamless printing experience.

The design is rooted in redefining the archetype of a printer, focusing on a form that is compact and contemporary - able to fit into a range of homes or apartments. The muted grey and white CMF and minimal controls give the printer an understated feel, with the Tango X including a fabric wrap - similar to a book jacket - for additional concealment when it’s not in use.