Jinni TV

Jinni TV created the first truly connected entertainment experience. We brought it to life.
The first thing we noticed about most TV experiences was that they offered too many choices.
To make the experience less stressful, we reduced choice at any moment. Large grids of thumbnails were replaced with short lists, never containing more than 5 choices on a screen at once.
When searching for content, many applications ask the user to submit long queries or go through a multistep process.
We decided to make results instant, so even when filtering through content, you see immediate results and never have to hit “submit”.
Jinni’s Entertainment Genome creates the best possible connection between content. We leveraged this in a deceptively simple idea: allow any piece of content to be a gateway to more titles like it, leading to a fluid discovery experience.

In the past, TV choices were limited to broadcast networks. Later, cable channels created hundreds of choices.

Now we live in a world where our entertainment options are almost unlimited and we've still got the same problem: finding something to watch.

Jinni’s unique Entertainment Genome is designed to get viewers to the content they want quickly, but the experience needed a simple and welcoming design language and UX model.

We designed a user discovery experience that allows viewers to discover the content they want, before they know they want it, without ever having to punch in a frustratingly long show title into a search bar.

The result was an intuitive and visually compelling experience that allowed viewers to navigate a novel content hierarchy and cover more relevant information than ever.

Jinni TV was awarded an Emmy for Innovation in TV Discovery in 2015.