Link AKC

We worked with the American Kennel Club to create a smart collar that brings people closer to their best friends.

The American Kennel Club has been a trusted authority on dog care, training, and pretty much everything else canine for over 130 years. They came to us to develop a smart collar as a tool to help dog owners build a better, closer relationship with their dogs.

We set out to design a collar that was as dog-friendly as the AKC, and adjustable enough to fit on dogs of all sizes. Sleek lines and organic curves position the smart collar on the cutting edge while also showing an understanding of the needs of the wearer. The product is rounded out with a charging station and adjustable leather carrier strap that come together for a complete system.

We developed the Link AKC brand alongside the product to combine the expertise and authority of the AKC while also speaking to dog lovers who want to get to know their best friends better. The branding is supported by a confidently friendly logo, wordmark, and the tagline,“Do You Speak Dog?” We also applied the branding and positioning by designing the Link AKC website, digital display ads, and a brand video.