Mental fitness start-up, Lucid, asked Astro to craft a new brand identity, website and app for their sports psychology platform.
Mind Body Connection

Break through. Astro crafted a compelling new brand identity, app, and website for Lucid- a startup and platform on a mission to provide athletes with the mental edge. Lucid sits at the forefront of a mindful movement, emphasizing accessible mental fitness as the new frontier in sports training. Astro created a logo that captures this sentiment, symbolizing mind, body, and spirit coming together to find focus among chaos.

With bold type faces and direct, concise messaging, we created a brand identity that feels both modern and focused. Our app design lends itself to an intuitive and goal oriented experience for users, helping them develop sharper focus through audio guided content. Ultimately, Astro fused these elements to create the mindful, confident, and performative essence of the Lucid brand.