We removed the complexity of mineral rights management to allow for more informed decision-making across a digital platform.
Digging deeper

MineralSoft is a mineral rights management company based in Austin, Texas that was looking to reposition and re-brand itself. Our goal was to create an easy and straight-forward web experience that educated the user on transitioning from an old school model of tracking land rights through an offline paper filing system to a full online digital all-in-one platform.

We created a brand that came across as trustworthy and sophisticated in order to appeal to the new generation of land managers but not to alienate their existing consumer base. Utilizing full page landscape imagery and simple iconography we were able to create a clean and sophisticated approach. The Astro brand and strategy team provided MineralSoft with a solution that enabled them to communicate their offering in a more effective manner as well as creating a visual language that would extend into their desktop application.