Nike Fuelband

Nike Digital Sport asked Astro to help develop a fitness tracker that would change the way we work out.

The Nike+ Fuelband's design is inspired by the active lifestyle it encourages. A soft, sport-inspired, outer skin is designed for lasting comfort under the toughest athletic tests.

The interaction design on the Fuelband cheers wearers on with motivational messages and a running tally of their fuel points, all showcased across a delightful dead-front display.

One of the earliest expressions of the quantified self movement, we designed the Nike+ Fuelband to have a refined, unisex aesthetic that made it one of the first wearables to be both fashionable and functional. Expanded editions included Fuelbands made with gold, silver, and a range of active colors. The final result was an iconic product that was embraced by millions and was instrumental in launching the fitness tracker trend.