Orah 4i Camera

We helped Video Stitch make their dream of a livestreaming 360º video camera a reality.

Video Stitch had already made a name for themselves by being a leader in the VR video space. Their next challenge was to create a camera that could stream 360º video in real time. After developing the tech, they came to Astro for help designing and branding the Orah, a camera that will change the way people think about VR.

The Orah creates a 360º image by stitching video from four cameras, two angled upwards and two angled downwards. The architecture we settled on comprised two interlocking shells that sit on a base with a tripod mount and input jacks. Clean, controlled angles, matte finishing, and progressive materialization give the Orah a look as future-facing as the tech inside.

The Orah logo reiterates the futuristic confidence of the product design. The “O” represents a camera lens while the “base” under the “O” highlights Orah’s promise as an objective platform for content. For added flexibility, the brand mark can be scaled to a single monogram when needed.