Astro created the TICO brew kit to re-envision the ritual of coffee.
Time for Coffee
Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, the TICO brew kit is a studio concept project envisioning what the ritual of coffee could look like. Exploring Astro’s take on the modern home appliance, the team created coffee accessories that were minimal, smart and intuitive with contemporary materials and finishes. The final kit concept includes a ceramic burr grinder and pour-over dripper for two, and is a modern take on a timeless preparation method.
The TICO brand also reflects this timeless aesthetic. Playing off the phrase, “time for coffee”, TICO combines these two words to create a short and memorable name. The brand’s color and typeface is subtle enough to fit a variety of kitchens while the logo is flexible for a range of applications.

TICO. It’s time for coffee.