Versus Biotrainer Headset

Astro and Sense Labs created a tool for athletes to train their brain. Smart move.

The mind is the final frontier for elite athletes in training, weekend warriors, and the rest of us.

We laid the foundation by naming the parent company: Sense Labs. From there we designed and named the Versus brand and headset to appeal to athletes' sense of competition while doing justice to the serious science behind the experience.

In designing Versus headset we wanted to create something to be attractive enough to pass the mirror test while also being flexible enough to work effectively on an extreme range of head sizes.

The soft X-frame flexes to fit on the wearer's head while the sensors make contact independently allowing for micro fit adjustments. For an added degree of personalization, the headsets are built with replaceable tags that can be customized with a sponsor, team logo or player number.

The result? All sorts of athletes have responded to Versus. From Olympic gold medalists to NBA sharpshooters, users have embraced the technology and used it to gain an edge at the highest levels of sport.