Astro worked with Womankind to create a uniquely branded curriculum for women. Its mission was to help women overcome the challenges during the "decade of decision" - the time when young women are defining their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. The program included a gift box with workbooks, challenges and games, pop-up events, special invitations, end of year book, and a digital platform to connect with your community.
We worked closely with behavioral therapists and PhD’s to establish a curriculum that contained a series of workbooks, pop-up events, games and challenges to help women discover their inner self.
Helping women discover their identity by looking in and looking up and be the place where they can support each other and elevate all of womankind.
We were fortunate to work with an all female team for both branding and product design to help bring this project to life.
Pursuit of Happiness

This project was a unique opportunity to fully brand an entire Customer Experience (CX) system. We focused heavily on the user through multiple focus groups to determine the needs, interests and behaviors for this diverse target audience.

Everything that was created for this program: _ Logo _ Business cards & Stationary _ Guidelines _ Website & App _ Gift box & mystery box _ Series of 5 workbooks _ Flip book welcome card _ Special invitations with interactive surprise _ Challenge game _ Brochure _ Posters for potential pop-up city events _ Pop-up venue space design